It really is green!

So the other day Ken post a Labyrinth mind-map I created ages ago which recently came up in conversation. Now I have a place to put such “useful” information I thought I’d fill in some back story. I made it back when I first discovered Labyrinth, Thilo was busy getting the Wiki into shape and he added a page about brainstorming (which I can’t seem to find now). I created the image as a joke but never got around to posting it. The other day while we were discussing the new QA process in #foresight this happened.

< pcutler_> i'm going to recap the qa email and send it out by this weekend too, maybe we can make progress on how we test as well
< kenvandine> good
< pscott> i think it needs a wiki page
< kenvandine> that is part of what we need to hammer out
< kenvandine> yes
< pscott> and lots of flow charts
< kenvandine> hehe
* kenvandine sucks at charts
* kenvandine notes gxti is good at charts :)
< pscott> lets just hope it goes better than the last foresight brainstorming session
* kenvandine wonders when that was...
< kenvandine> oh
< kenvandine> names for the editions
< kenvandine> hehe
< kenvandine> need more structure than that
< pscott> nah, it was a joke i can't find the punchline to
< kenvandine> hehehe
< pscott> ooh, there it is
< kenvandine> hehehe
* kenvandine rofl
< kenvandine> that is great
< kenvandine> what is that bottom thing?
< pscott> i think its just where the cursor was at the time
< kenvandine> I gotta blog this

Now we have a transparent version of the desktop Foresight can actually be any colour you want!

In related news, according to the author of Labyrinth there is a new version on its way, awesome!


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