Twenty-Three minutes to Two

Muse Wembley Stadium 16th June 2007

We went to see Muse play Wembley Stadium on the 16th. It was an absolutely awesome show. We got to see Citizen Erased and Micro Cuts which both rocked. Our seats kinda sucked, too far up and forward. We couldn’t even see Dom on drums until they wheeled him out to the front for the encore. Totally worth spending the best part of two days on various trains back and forth. There are proper reviews, set list and pictures over on

Annoyingly on sometime on Sunday I managed to drop the SD card containing most of the pictures from the show and a video of Micro Cuts. Not that big a deal, I needed a bigger card anyway, the pictures of the stage are all pretty blurry because of the distance and my cameras lame zoom. Videos for most songs have already appeared on Youtube and rumor has it they were filming for a DVD, here’s hoping.

What really sucks is we lost the video of us dancing like robots to Super Massive Black Hole. Fortunately, we had another opportunity to act like dorks when we arrived at Euston for the train home.



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