Lessons learned

Carling Academy Glasgow

Last Wednesday (27th) my brother and I were in Glasgow to see a gig at the Carling Academy. The venue was fairly small, the picture is taken from the back of the first level with about the same distance again to the back wall. We got in fairly early and got “dug in” near the stage. The atmosphere was relaxed and we barely moved the whole night. It reminded me of gigs I went to during my first year of University – except we actually knew who was on and it was Chris freaking Cornell.

Chris was on top form, the best I’ve ever heard him; although this was the first time I’ve seen him live. Before hand I wasn’t sure what to expect from his new band since I’d never heard them and I wasn’t sure what they’d make of the Audioslave songs. They quickly won over the crowd. Chris said later that he really enjoyed playing with them but by that point it was obvious. The set included Soundgarden, Audioslave and Cornell tracks as well as Hunger Strike.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole night, even when I was pulled out of crowd and politely asked to delete everything from my camara. Apparently they weren’t happy with me “recording” the gig on the pin hole microphone on my camara. Actually what I was doing was trying to do was get pictures that weren’t blurred. Since my camara isn’t great in low light it takes several seconds to focus in-between ever shot – which gets annoying quickly. Video worked a lot better. Once I’d realised that I could take over 30 minutes of video on my new 4G card I did milk it a little :P

So, lessons I learned:

  • Export all your pictures before going to a gig
  • Take two cards. Take a few pictures on one then swap; If you do get pulled aside swap back. All they were interested in was seeing I had a picture from the gig and that I deleted everything
  • Take two batteries or better yet two camaras. That way you can keep on taking pictures after they take your battery; probably best if they don’t see you using it again though
  • Read the manual so you actually know how to put it into a higher ISO mode, I got some pretty decent pictures with it
  • Once you’ve deleted the pictures lock the card. Don’t do what I did and take a bunch more pictures once you have your battery back.

If you keep the card untouched then you stand a better chance of restoring the pictures. I’ll save that for a later post, not the ruin the surprise but this story has a happy ending.

There is a better review including set list of the gig over on last.fm.


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