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As pcutler already mentioned, the latest Avant Window Navigator can now imitate Leopard style dock. Even though it breaks the laws of physics it’s still looks cool. This version also improves the ‘Change Icon’ dialog which was pretty confusing before. I actually use it a lot, to help distinguish epiphany windows for example.

The turn around time of this update was impressive but i has very little to do with me, I just pressed the buttons. Primarily its down the the AWN developers, that might sound obvious since they write it but also because of the code stability they maintain. The Foresight recipe pulls straight from the upstream subversion repository and its been rock solid. Since I swapped to using AWN full time I’ve had hardly any problems.

Secondly its because of the awesome suite of tools developed by rPath and used by Foresight. The update procedure goes like this.

  1. Move to the directory containing the recipe
    cd ~/conary/src/foresight/1-contrib/avant-window-navigator
  2. Update the svn checkout and build a new tarball
    cvc refresh
  3. Build locally to check it still builds and there aren’t any new build dependencies
    cvc cook avant-window-navigator.recipe
  4. Update the recipe if needed, in most cases its just a version bump
    vim avant-window-navigator.recipe
  5. Build again in a clean chroot which confirms that the buildRequires are correct and ensures packages are built against a pristine Foresight system
    rmake build avant-window-navigator.recipe
  6. Commit the package built with rmake making it available to everyone
    rmake commit <JobID>
  7. Update to the latest package from the repository
    sudo conary update avant-window-navigator

During the rmake I also update to the package just built with cvc and check that everything still works. Then use conary rollback 1 to go back to the version from the repository.

Lastly, credit goes to pcutler for pinging me on IRC in the first place. Otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed until I checked Planet Gnome (given the Guadec traffic I might have even missed it). It also helps that I love eye candy, especially in the applications which are always visible.

Obligatory screenshot

Avant screenshot


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